• What area do you cover / do you only work with local weddings? I usually cover weddings within or near the Vale of Glamorgan. However, if you are planning a wedding further afield or even a destination wedding, we can certainly discuss! 
  • Where do I start with organising my wedding flowers? Don’t panic, we are here to help!  Firstly we suggest sending through some photos of the styles of florals you have seen and like.  Pinterest is a great source for inspiration.  We can then either chat via Zoom or we prefer to meet up and chat over a cup of tea.  Sometimes we recommend a visit to the venue and a walk through to get a feel of the space.  This is important for large installations.  We will then send you an initial proposal with a contract. This is agreed or amended and a £50 deposit paid.  You can change your mind about your flowers up to a month before. The final payment is made two weeks before your wedding.
  • Can we have any flowers we like? This is a tricky one.  I will always try and source specific flowers, but occasionally they are just not available.  I will then choose something that will be as close to it as possible.  The weather has a huge impact on availability.  We try to work with seasonal flowers as much as possible.
  • I would like to use our  flowers in the ceremony and move them for the reception.  Is this possible? Yes, most flowers that are used in a ceremony can be moved.  Broken arches can be repositioned but not full arches.  We stay until after the ceremony to ensure your flowers are put into the right positions for your reception.
  • We would like to give some flowers to our relatives and friends the next day.  Can this be arranged? This depends entirely on your choice of reception flowers.  Some of the taller table displays are large and not suitable to be given away, or are in our vases.  The smaller table centers can most certainly be used as gifts.  If you do want fresh flowers to give as thank yous, I would suggest having some bouquets in gift bags.  
  • What happens to all of our flowers after the wedding? If we have created large installations, or used our props,large vases,bud vases, candlesticks etc, then we will be back at the venue very early the next morning to remove them. Any other flowers will be left for you to take home.
Funeral Flowers
  • What is the best way to organise farewell flowers? We are very happy to chat over the phone, or via email, or would love you to pop over and have a cup of tea and a chat as we consider it an honour to create farewell flowers. 
  • What sort of farewell flowers do you do? We can make anything from a sheaf, a small posy to a full casket cover.  Sometimes we also provide individual flowers to be put on the grave. 
  • Can you provide flowers in the church? Yes we are very happy to do church arrangements, whether on a pedestal or more informally in vases or baskets.  We will need access to the church either the afternoon before or early in the morning of the funeral.
  • Will you deliver the flowers to the undertaker? Yes, we will call the undertaker and arrange to deliver.
  • Are your flowers suitable for a natural burial ground? Yes, we work as sustainable florists and all of our arrangements are biodegradable and compostable. 
Any other questions - please do complete our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Thank you!